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Terms – Worldwideinternships
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Terms and Conditions

General Terms & Conditions of Worldwideinternshipss aka Sterrenstages

Our general conditions are part of all agreements between and other parties. The conditions also apply to the use of the websites and

By placing a checkmark in the “accept conditions” field in the login screen, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the conditions. If you do not agree to our terms and conditions, you are not able to access the websites, nor use our products and services. These general conditions are stated on the websites of Worldwideinternships. On request, they will also be sent to you without charge.

Section 1. Definitions/descriptions

Graduation post: An offered graduation project at an organization through Worldwideinternships, not comparable to a job after graduation or a second job during training.

Company profile: a detailed description of the organization (business type, size, activities, etc.) through a filled-in and placed company form on the websites.

Contact information: correct data, such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

CV: the student’s summary of relevant job experience and education presented on the indicated résumé form or as an attachment placed on the websites.

Users: students, organizations and other parties that use the websites and/or services of Worldwideinternships.

Student: any person registered as a student at an accredited mid- or high level, college or university education and / or a private education in the Netherlands and/or abroad and who is registered on the websites of Worldwideinternships.

Organization: competent person or organization entering placements on the websites and making matches by means of consulting the student profile database. Moreover, a competent person or organization granting orders to Worldwideinternships for mediation, advice or otherwise.

Internship post: a placed post within the organization of the client through the websites of Worldwideinternships, not comparable to a job after graduation or a second job during the education. 

Student Profile: a short description (education, experience, personal qualities, personal added values) of the student, according to the filled out and registered form on the websites.

Websites (hereafter Worldwideinternships): and

Section 2. Applicability

The general terms and conditions apply to all tenders, activities and contracts for the recruitment, selection and advice of clients between Worldwideinternships and the other parties. The applicability of the other parties’ terms and conditions is explicitly excluded.

Section 3. Formation of the agreement

An agreement between Worldwideinternships and the other parties is formed after written confirmation (through the websites, e-mail and/or post) of the other parties’ registration by Worldwideinternships. Should it turn out that the representative of the organization was not authorized to enter into this agreement, the agreement between Worldwideinternships and the organization remains valid.

Section 4. Placing company profile/internship post/graduation project

1. The organization ensures the placement of her company profiles and/or internship posts and/or graduation projects on the websites through the completion and sending of forms available on the sites. Shipping occurs via electronic data transfer. Furthermore, the organization is responsible for supplying the correct (contact) data.

2. The information placed on the websites by the organization needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The entered/updated information is complete and applicable to the internship post / graduation post.
  • The offered internship post/graduation post is useful for students in the sense that the student can acquire appropriate experience suited to a potential fixed position at the student’s educational level
  • The offered internship post/graduation post must take place in a pleasant environment where students can learn and acquire knowledge.
  • The organization acts as a role model concerning internship posts/graduation posts.

3. The organization authorizes Worldwideinternships to edit the placed texts. Furthermore, Worldwideinternships retains the right to refuse company profiles and/or internship posts/graduation posts on grounds of immoral, improper, illegal and discriminatory practices.

Section 5. Registration student data and their CVs

The student provides correct and complete data of his/her student data and CV on the sites. He/she remains responsible for keeping this information up to date. Worldwideinternships is not allowed to adjust the data by itself. (Privacy Policy)

Section 6. Maintenance of privacy and (access) data 

1. Per internship post, the organization can view and modify data where necessary. When the organization logs in, it chooses its own password. The e-mail address of the person providing (competent person) the information is the username.

2. The username and password combination allows the user to access his or her information and also legitimizes the user to take action in matters such as sending invitations to potential candidates.

3. The organization is responsible for accurate preservation of the password. Worldwideinternships takes no responsibility in this matter. Should data come into the possession of a third party, the organization should contact Worldwideinternships as soon as possible.

4. In the event of misconduct regarding the input and processing of internship posts/graduation posts or third-party unauthorized access, Worldwideinternships will permanently block the e-mail address and delete the corresponding data.

Section 7. Responding and contacting

Response by students

1. Students can apply for the internship post(s) or graduation post(s) placed by the organization. The relevant data are searchable to students.

2. If a student applies for/reacts to an internship post or graduation post through the sites, the organization will receive the application/reaction. Worldwideinternships will receive a copy.

Invitation by the organization

The organization can invite one or multiple students via the websites based on the organization’s profile for an application to the offered internship post and/or graduation post.

Order placement for the active search for a suitable candidate

1. Worldwideinternships can, by order of an organization, actively seek candidates in order to fill the vacant internship posts / graduation posts.

2. If Worldwideinternships presents one or more candidates, the organization is required to provide a written response. Upon acceptance, the organization owes the agreed fee of €250, excl. VAT (2011/2012) to Worldwideinternships. In this case, Worldwideinternships will send a digital invoice that needs to be paid within 5 working days.

Section 8. Strict criteria for using the information 

1. The use of the information obtained from the CVs and databases of Worldwideinternships is only possible if the organization exclusively uses this for filling an internship post or graduation post, unless a student has given express permission to use his / her information for other purposes.

2. Viewed and received student information is strictly confidential and shall remain the property of Worldwideinternships. It is explicitly NOT allowed to share this information or to sell it to third parties.

Section 9. Halting communication/negotiation between the users

If the student or organization can not comply with the agreements between the parties, the other party should be directly informed. Furthermore, Worldwideinternships needs to be informed. Worldwideinternships is not responsible, nor liable in this matter.

Section 10. After conclusion internship post/graduation post

If the organization offers the student a contract within 6 months after his / her internship post (fixed / part-time), there will be a one-time charge of €500, excl. VAT (2011/2012). This contribution is based on mediation between Worldwideinternships and the student / organization.  

Section 11. Unauthorized use of sites and data

1. The user does not place information on the sites that is in violation of the Dutch law, immorality and meticulousness in social activities.

2. The user does not place data that is not based on truth.

3. The user does not place information on the sites that can be in violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties.

4. The user may not use the sites for the distribution of viruses, spam, spyware and other matters not benefitting the sites and their clients.

5. The user must not misuse the sites in a way that could create a distorted use to third parties.

6. The user refrains from the use (influencing / hacking) of the data listed / collected on the sites, without permission from Worldwideinternships. This also applies to third party sites and the network in which they occur.

7. If the user acts contrary to the above, Worldwideinternships will immediately terminate the agreement with that user and ensure a direct blockade of its sites to the user (and his or her possible employees). In this case, the user still owes Worldwideinternships all agreed fees.

8. All information mentioned on the sites is owned by Worldwideinternships and can never be used without written permission from Worldwideinternships unless approval through the sites is already given.

Section 12. Advertising opportunities

Worldwideinternships offers the possibility of advertisement. Examples are: (fixed) banners, logos, ad units, newsletters, etc. The content, design and placement are made in good consultation between the organization and Worldwideinternships. Advertisements that are offensive, immoral and harmful to the sites and its users will be removed without giving reasons. If the aforementioned is acted upon, Worldwideinternships reserves the right to terminate the agreement without refunding any fees already paid.

Section 13. Digital data transfer

Worldwideinternships and its users agree that the confirmations and invoices sent/received via digital data transfer (E-mail, Intranet) are binding and that information transmitted via digital data transfer is compelling in any judicial proceeding.

Section 14. Liability and disclaimer

1. Worldwideinternships is never liable for:

  • agreements that are not met between users or any possible arising damage;
  • the content, accuracy, legality, completeness of company profiles, internship posts and/or graduation posts, student profiles, CVs, banners, links or other errors made by students, organizations or other third parties. This also applies to the identity, quality and reliability of students, organizations and other third parties profiled on the sites;
  • the refusal of a banner or other forms of advertising through Worldwideinternships, nor for its removal or termination. The users and third parties must exculpate Worldwideinternships from all the disadvantages and costs, including third party claims if advertisements placed, distributed or otherwise through Worldwideinternships can be an infringement on privacy, the law, or may be considered immoral or offensive;
  • unlawful use of the personal user password to track their own data on the sites and access to the sites;
  • any damages or losses caused by an incorrect selection of a student by an organization, or vice versa, due to a faulty selection of an internship post/graduation post/organization by a student;
  • a student not fulfilling his/her tasks or not sufficiently respecting the agreements made with the organization;
  • refusing or removing a company and/or internship post/graduation post. This also applies when it blocks the organizations’ / students’ access to the websites based on the conditions imposed on this unauthorized or unlawful use;
  • the fact that a student in reality receives a lower internship remuneration (expenses) than has been discussed or mentioned in the applicable collective labor agreement;
  • the incorrect or unlawful use by third parties accessing data through the websites or unlawfully receiving data from Worldwideinternships insofar the exclusion of liability is in accordance with the current (privacy) laws;
  • all costs and losses (including third-party claims) as a result of the incorrect or unauthorized use of privacy information by third parties who have obtained this information through (the websites of) Worldwideinternships;
  • any possible damage resulting from decommissioning or failure of the websites or services of an Internet provider and/or telecom provider.

2. Exclusions and limitations of liability apply only if there is no intent or no gross negligence on the part of Worldwideinternships or in cases where the exclusion or limitation of liability is not possible under a statutory provision.

3. If during legal proceedings it is determined that Worldwideinternships is liable for damage, the liability is limited to the immediate damage with a maximum of € 300 per case. Subject to any other provisions regarding prompt submission of complaints, any possible right to compensation by Worldwideinternships expires if the other party does not promptly, within three months after the damage or hearing of (or reasonably getting familiar with) the damage as a result of a damaging event, sends Worldwideinternships a written, motivated complaint with regards to the matter in which the provision of evidence that the documents have been sent promptly lies solely on the other party.

4. Worldwideinternships pays very great care to personal privacy and other information posted on the websites. The method used is in accordance with the Privacy policy (hyperlink) on our websites and the current Dutch privacy laws (Hyperlink-WBP). Worldwideinternships will do everything in its power to counter incorrect use of the information.

5. In case of disputes between users, Worldwideinternships is able to act as mediator.

Section 15. Fees and payments

1. The organization owes a fee payable to Worldwideinternships as indicated on the sites for the placement of a comprehensive company profile followed by filling an internship post/graduation post.

For the other services described in these conditions, the organization owes a rate as agreed upon with Worldwideinternships. The student owes a fee for a search order via the websites, as well as for entering into an internship post and/or graduation post agreement with one of the organizations by means of a preselection by Worldwideinternships.

2. Billing takes place by means of electronic data transfer (e-mail), unless otherwise agreed upon. Administration fees are billed for sending invoices by post. The payments of the fees are due 5 days from invoice date, unless otherwise agreed. Payment needs to take place within the payment term without deductions or discounts to be made out to account number BIC: KNABNL2H IBAN: NL40KNAB0724913262 ( KNAB Bank Capellelaan 25, 2132 JK Hoofddorp) in the name of Sterrenstages or Worldwideinternships in Haarlem mentioning Sterrenstages or Worldwideinternships, debtor number and invoice number.

3. All indicated or agreed upon fees are in euros and do not include VAT and any possible other taxes and levies. Other provisions might apply to foreign organizations. Worldwideinternships maintains the right to regularly revising the rates.

4. Any possible requests for reclamation regarding billing are possible within 30 days after the invoice date in writing addressed to Worldwideinternships. The burden of proof lies with the organization/student. After this period, the possibility of reclamation expires.

5. Non-payment consequences

Should it turn out that a bill of Worldwideinternships is not paid within the prescribed 10 days, then the organization/student is in default without legal notice and may be charged interest on the outstanding amount of 1% per calendar month. A portion of one month is seen as a full month. The additional costs caused by not paying the bill on time are fully paid by the organization/student. These costs include collection costs and/or direct or indirect costs related to, for example, legal assistance with a minimum of 50 euros ( Fitfty).

Section 16. (Intellectual) property rights

This means: all copyright, neighboring rights, portrait rights, patent rights, trademarks, design rights, database rights, and trade rights. The same applies to the software, the services of the websites, the websites themselves and the information (contents) on the websites, excepting the content of the company and student profile and the description of the internship post/graduation post if property rights apply.

Section 17. Contents of the conditions

All provisions of these terms and conditions are composed with great care and are verified. Should it turn out that one or more of the provisions are not (or no longer) valid, the remaining provisions of the general terms and conditions still apply. The provisions which are no longer applicable under the current legal validity are replaced by provisions that are in line with the current legal validity.

Section 18. Duration and end of the agreement

The agreements with Worldwideinternships run for an indefinite period, unless otherwise agreed upon. If the other party does not meet its obligations to Worldwideinternships, this party is in default by operation of law (without notice). Worldwideinternships can in this case demand immediate fulfilment of obligations or terminate the agreement. In the case of damage, the other party owes Worldwideinternships a fee equal to all indirect and direct damage (including all resulting damage and additional costs, also including costs for legal assistance). Unilateral withdrawal is possible at any time, subject to a notice period of 1 week. Any already billed fees owed to Worldwideinternships remain due and are to be paid immediately. Upon termination of the agreement, access to the websites will be blocked and all access information and other data of the other party will be removed from the websites. All internships which are not cancelled in writing within 30 days before the end of publication will be automatically extended for the same period of publication.

Section 19. Law and forum selection

1. Contracts and agreements made by and with Worldwideinternships are governed by Dutch law.

2. Should unevenness be generated from the agreement of Worldwideinternships concerning the use of the services of the websites, the parties will initially present themselves and try to resolve problems before switching to any other solutions.

3. If the parties still cannot come to an understanding, the dispute will be settled by a competent court in the district of Haarlem, the Netherlands. This arrangement does not alter the right of any party to ask for a ruling in preliminary relief proceedings in cases of urgent interest.