Bali & Indonesia which forms are required? And general information

For Bali and Indonesia you need various forms to complete a good and valid internship:

  • Letter from your internship employer stating position, period start and end, handy not to have any amounts put in it,
  • copy identification card of your company coach!
  • Letter from your study program stating that you will be doing an internship from then until then with the details,
  • Copies of your booking (return ticket),
  • Valid passport. (still valid 6 months after return),
  • 2 passport photos for your visa,
  • A visa, of course. You can apply for your visa with the above forms/copies. Preferably do this  here . 
  • You can also use a visa service. Well-known in the Netherlands are: and 

This visa (“SOCCUL”) is valid for 60 days with an extension option up to 180 days in total. You arrange this extension in Singapore after every 60 days. Or use a local  agent . 
An online form for applying for an Indonesia visa can be found  here 

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