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Worldwideinternships. Great internship placements around the world.

student finished the 8th of this month. She was a very good trainee and we were all very happy with her. She put our expectations about your company very high

Hola Stephen ! I’m very happy on my internship , i’m doing what i like and practicing a lot ! they are treating me very well , the fact is that they like my job and told me it many times . They already ask me if i wanted to stay longer 

” I am doing great in Barcelona got a house close to the job and everything. The internship is going fine, I am learning a lot about how a travel agency operates. I appreciate everything you have done for me on getting me this internship. I also recommended some of my friends to your website to show my appreciation”

“Ik heb echt een top tijd gehad in Milaan! Ik ben achteraf ook erg te spreken over het bedrijf van mijn stage. Voor dit wil ik nog extra mijn dank voor uitdragen”

“I woke up this morning with this amazing news from you that’s great! I am so happy that the interview went well. I would love to thank you personally for everything because this for me will be a very important opportunity to start building my career.”

” Dear mr Jelgersma, first I would like to say thank you for all what you have done for me! I hope everything is gonna be alright and I will enjoy Tenerife! “

“Mooie stage, mooie locatie. Dank voor alle hulp en raad.”

“Beste meneer Albada Jelgersma, Inmiddels ben ik alweer terug van stage en ik wilde u nogmaals bedanken voor het mogelijk maken van deze ervaring!

Ik heb een geweldige tijd gehad en zonder u had ik dit niet mee kunnen maken. Hartstikke bedankt!” 

“Beste Stephen, Ik wil je nogmaals bedanken voor de stage die je voor mij geregeld hebt”

” Graag wil ik u bedanken voor alle moeite!!! :)”

“Hola Stephen. We are so happy on Lanzarote. Thanks for you never ending assistance!”

“So thank you very much Stephen, this experience never be the same without you! Kind Regards from France “

“Thank you for your great work and much appreciation for finding for us a great internship with Marriott in Thailand Ralph & Anastasyia”

“Thank you very much for your wishes! We are so impatient to start our great travel. Thank you for everything. Sarah and Hélène”

“Dear Stephen Albada, I’m very happy to do this internship with Paul and I thank you for arranging it! I’m sure it will be an interesting time for both sides. If you have another potential candidate, feel free to contact me again”

“Thank you so much for everything :)”

“So far, we have always been pleased with your students so it will be a pleasure to host more in the future. 5 star hotel Malta”

“Big Thanks for everything! Dubai was amazing”

Worldwideinternships. Great internship placements around the world.

“I am very thankful for you that you provide me such a good opportunity to work at a DMC”

“Thank you for your wishes and for your help. Also our bank card problem worked out well. Thank you !”

“I will be long in your debt. you really helped me out stephen and i still cant belief we managed to nail it in the last moment. a day before the deadline. I’m really grateful for that”

“Thank you for all the best wishes and especially for the support, without your assistance this would not be possible”

” Hello Mr. Jelgersma! I finish the internship last week! It was absolutely perfect!!!! The F&B Director really invested in my learning process and all the staff as well. Thank you so much for your help, it was the best decision to choose your company!”

” Dear Stephen, Thank you very much, it was a great experience there and it was very nice to meet you there!” 

“I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that I got accepted”

“Thank you so much for your kind assistance and quick and quality service”

“Our first days at the hotel went very well. Team is very kind and assisting us with everything. Thank you again for this great opportunity “

” With our publication on worldwidetraineeships and Sterrenstages and the great pro activity of Stephen we have found the perfect candidate. Twin Media”

“the way they worked for me was great. well informed, great company and found a great internship for me”

“their service during my internship is unique. Even more contact with Stephen than with my school” Thanks!

” This is what hospitality stands for! Informed, personal and quick” had a great time during my internship”

“all information on their website is true!”

” they have nice and interesting internships on their website”

“they even helped me with a non-internship issue. that’s service!”

“thanks for finding that promissing student! within 1 week” 

“Great Internship Possibilities with personal and fast reactions! In English and other languages all over the world! I do recommend it:)”

“thanks for the two candidates for the internship. It’s quicker than we thought”

” Everything is ok with the final paper work and I think I am ready to go (passeport, plane tickets)! Thank you for your help”

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