Specific Search By Worldwideinternships

Besides publishing internships / traineeships, tips and tricks and more we also offer an extra service called: Specific Search By Worldwideinternships
This Search Service is based on your specific wishes. These wishes can be:

  • Training period
  • Duration of your internship / traineeship
  • Industry you like to work in
  • Region
  • Education
  • And so on

When we have received your written approval to find this internship / traineeship, we will start instantly.  
We will read and even adjust your resume and motivation.  
During the intake we will discuss your wishes, resume and motivation. If this is in order we start our search. 
When we find an internship / traineeship that suits your requirements, we shall propose it to you.  
If you agree we shall contact the organization. When they accept you as an intern, contracts can be made up.  

During this process and during your whole  internship / traineeship we remain available. For example advising you with visa, lodging, insurance matters and so on. 

For this Specific Search By Worldwideinternships we ask a small fee which consist of 2 parts.

The first part, a deposit of €75, =, should be paid directly with or directly after sending the signed agreement and the asked for documents.

The second part; € 220, 00 (including the deposit) is when we found that internship you and the company agreed upon.

If for any reason we cannot find that particular internship for you the deposit will be returned.

Earning a bonus: When succesful with your internship every friend, colleague you send us and he or she finds an internship through our website, pre selection and Specific Search only, you will receive a bonus!

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